Living in Melbourne

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A very hot summer and not very cold winter, in general, pretty mild weather. The good (and sometimes bad) thing about Melbourne is that you never know if you’ll be alright wearing shorts and thongs, or a scarf and jacket....

Living in Sydney

Founded on the 26th of January 1788 as a colony for criminals coming from the U.K., the “Harbour City” survived the first landing of the first fleet thanks to a lot of willpower, and spirit. In Sydney, the usage of...

Living in Brisbane

The third city in the country, the perfect mix of the chaos of the big city and the calm of the seaside towns, Brisbane can offer you what Anglo-Saxon people call ‘the best of both worlds’: a city calmly chaotic....

Living in Perth

Discovered by Dutch sailors 150 years before Sydney, but planned only in 1829 on the mouth of Swan River, this is one of the hottest, most expensive, and most isolated cities in the country, in fact, in the whole world:...

Living on the Gold Coast

Take some skyscrapers, add some trendy bars and mix with a nice casino and some very good theme parks, shake it and put a little bit of ocean on top. Actually, a lot of ocean. To be precise, 57 kms...

Living in Adelaide

Unlike Sydney and Hobart (but also Brisbane and Melbourne), the capital of South Australia wasn’t built on colonies and criminals sent from overseas, but on free men escaping from religious persecution from the center of Europe. The name of this city...

Living in Byron Bay

The Easternmost point of Australia is a lighthouse built in 1901 at Cape Byron, the promontory first seen and named by Captain James Cook which divides 40 kms of beach in half. South of the lighthouse you will find Tallow...

Living in Tasmania

After sailing all the South Seas, stopping in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, the Fiji Islands and New Zealand, 370 years ago a Dutch navigator called Abel Tasman saw a coast which he thought wasn’t actually part of the...

Living in Canberra

living canberra
Canberra is the capital of Australia. It was elected capital after a long ‘war’ between Sydney and Melbourne. And it’s honestly not very attractive for people to move there. Not many live there, even the few that have to work...

Living in Darwin

living darwin
If you think that Australia has no history, you might be right somehow, but don’t say that to anyone living in Darwin. The smallest, most northern and youngest town in Australia has a really tragic and interesting history. It has...

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